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Except rising suicide cases, Chitral’s women face no major issue: speakers — 8 Comments

  1. It has been a long issue in Chitral, tan buki xi dretai ya tan soro ugho dretai and some time tan soro thoveken prai is pa kara sher. with mass education and awareness suicide cases instead of decreasing are rising. I agree with Mr Akram Khan but why women in other more conservative areas such as tribal areas or Dir etc the suicide rate is less than in Chitral.
    I think, women of Chitral by nature are more weak to cope with any perturbing situation and cannot express themselves openly.

  2. چترال میں عورتوں کی خود کشی کے کئی وجوہات ہیں
    لڑکیوں کی جبری شادی:
    کم عمر لڑکیوں کی بڑی عمر کے مردوں کے ساتھ شادی
    شادی کے بعد عورتوں کا گھروں کے اندر مقید رکھنا جب کے مردوں کا کئی کئی سال روز گار کے بہانے شہر اور گھر سے دور رہنے کا رجحان
    پبلک مقامات میں عورتوں کی شرکت پر پابندی
    سیر و تفریح اور کھیل کود وغیرہ کے مواقع ناپید ہونا
    صیحت کی سہولیات کا نہ ہونا
    خواتین ڈاکٹرز اور ماہر نفسیات کی عدم دستیابی

  3. The caption says it all: the women of Chitral are left with no option but to kill themselves as they have lost all hopes in this society. Women of Chitral are such an oppressed lot that their suffering in the hands of their own kith and kin including mothers in laws, husbands, fathers and even sisters in law have become a norm and never considered an issue.
    If a person takes the extreme step of hanging themselves or jumping into the river, it means the world is no longer a place to live in for them and they feel it comfortable to run away from it as an easy way out.
    So these so-called experts and rights activists are blind to the issues and think that suicide is a fate that falls on women from the sky and so it is a problem how it descend on some women.
    In my humble opinion, research should be carried out on the mentality of such people who utter such rubbish.

    Nadir Khan

  4. The women in this particular gathering might not have problems or what they can say in presence of such people whose sole agenda is anti women. Why to forget the recent past district women counsellors agitation against male treatment in the district assembly. why to forget that women are married away against their will to down country for money and so on and so forth. Sitting in a nice gathering and talking of women that except suicide, no other issues women of CHITRAL. What is left then as precious as life.

  5. I 100% agree with Mr. Saif, Mr. Nosherwan and Mr. SR Khan on the topic. These seminars etc will do nothing until practical step is taken to create awareness amongst the village women and their basic rights are safeguarded.

  6. Over the years Chitrali Women’s issues and challenges have increased. The issue of suicide indicates the hub of issues they are facing.

  7. To endorse the comments made by Saif pls also me laugh out loud. Laugh at those who think the women in Chitral have no other issues. Should I call it a joke, disgusting, stupid or what. Look at the participants of the gathering. You know who they are. The baboos, the academia, the so-called civil society activists and the students – majority of them are women. Let us suppose the women had no other issues at all. If so what is the reason behind the alarming increase in suicide cases. Chitrali women is facing all kind of problems. There are women who end up their lives because they could not live with their women beater husbands. There is poverty. There are socio-economic problems. It is a society which is undergoing change – such education ration is far better compared to past and some people who could not give education to their children, often seen ending up their lives in frustration. But the major reason why women end up in committing suicide is: women in Chitral are living in stone age. They are not allowed to run their own business, they are not allowed to go to the park with their children. They are discouraged from driving a car. They are not allowed to do politics. They are married off against their will outside Chitral. In short in an area like Chitral, there is nothing women to do compared to neghbouring Gilgit Baltistan. I would suggest my friend deputy commissioner Irshad to apply Gilgit Baltistan Model in Chitral in order to end the menace of suicide. Give some space to women and allow them to choose a career for themselves, set up a business, run a vocational institute and things like that. The reps of district government should be sent to Gilgit in order to study the women friendly environment there. Just go and see how women are contributing for the society. The people of GB were as backward as we are but they changed their destiny but we are still living in stone age. To cit the long story short nothing is gonna help in resolving the women suicide problem except women empowerment which can only be possible if the GB Model of governance is applied in Chitral. Or else be ready to hear such more cases and let the so-calked women rights activists to cash in on the situation. Dollar chapenge NGO walo and sarkari baboo chief guest ban ker is bath per iktifa ker lega keh all is well. Report bej dega saying held a seminar where female teachers lauded the district administration. Aur dehaty khawateen khush honge sirf is bat per keh DC ya ADC mehmaan e khususi oshoi bo khoshan biti baghai…Allah Allah Khair sallah. Pesur hami korman toba kurur practicsl step gsnur. Mere seminars and pressers are no solution to the problem. Di something practical werna manate jao women day, democracy day, hand washing day, parents day, valentines day aur pata nehi kon konsa day.

  8. Ha, ha. this is the funniest statement I have read in years. “Except for suicide cases!” What else is left?. Don’t we realise that the ‘other’ problems are suppressed and brushed under the carpet until they blow up into suicide cases. As an example, take the case of women wanting to open business in a women’s market in purdah. The political-clerics have spoken against it but non-cleric political leaders have kept mum giving their tacit approval to the clerics to go ahead with their agenda. Only some social media activists have raising hue and cry for women’s rights in this issue. Political leaders and NGOs only wait for seminars and photo shows to give out fancy general press statements signifying nothing. Hypocrisy cannot solve women’s problems.