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Who is responsible for snow leopard’s death in Peshawar Zoo? — 5 Comments

  1. @Shehla Hakim. I am totaly emty, know nothing about environment, that is true i accept that. I just passed on small comment on the suject. But you look full of knowledge .. but you never let Chitrali to take benefit of it. Please share it (the knowledge) with the us, and let us take benefit of your great knowledge.
    Thanks and Respect.

  2. An excellent piece of writing by the renowned ecologist Rina Said Khan. She has always touched such sensitive matters related with ecology and she has also been in Chitral a few years ago. Dr. Khalil should be taught the ABC of environment as he seems to be totally empty in this subject as evident from his comment.

  3. @Chitrari ho bara ki read koyan Khalil sahib hash lu n doi Kya. Khalil shb tan di doctor hy Zoo a janwaran briko bara ho di pata koreli. Hes Chitral a asika thawa elaj koravoshoi janvaarantan, Hanisn canada bi asur.

  4. We can not do any thing about the everyday suicides of our women in Chitral, how do you expect we can do any thing about the death of leopard’ in Peshawar??
    (ta ghosh beti sher xoor) if you are daughter of Chitral, write something about the suicides of our sisters daughters in Chitral.

    • Ay brar khafa no bos haya writer chitrari no, kura time ki hoy ho bara read kola.
      Good day!