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  1. we can get fruitful results if we employ critical thinking skills as a major tool in our education system. a student mind can be shaped in a positive direction if he is taught that how to think critically instead of rote memorization.another thing that is noteworthy to mention is the authority which exercises its power on the framing of the curriculum. our curriculum is a highly censored one and a teacher is rebuked if he is found to be educating in the real sense

  2. An excellent write-up and a very fine intellectual exercise. Deserves appreciation.Unfortunately, the government has handed education to dilettantes who, over the years have played havoc with the system. By devolving education to provinces under the impugned 18th amendment, the federal government has forfeited its right of designing a uniform and centralised curriculum for the entire country thereby unwittingly laying the foundation of five would-be independent countries. Presently all the five provinces (considering Gilgit Baltistan as a separate province) enjoy carte blanch to design their own curriculum. This may encourage the centrifugal forces to drift away from the centre.
    Moreover, five different streams of education currently operating in the country as rightly pointed out by the writer, can be done away with only if a uniform curriculum is made operative throughout the country. This will ensure harmony and much needed unity among the people, will provide a level playing field to all the citizens to acquire same quality of education and will instill trust and confidence into the people. There is a need to understand the fact that a centralised and uniform curriculum serves as a cohesive agent amongst the provinces.
    The existing education system being pursued in our educational institutions is devoid of very important components i.e, character building and personality grooming. The present education system as pointed out by the writer, promotes the culture of cramming and rote learning ignoring conceptual understanding and analytical ability. It believes in attainment of a certificate/degree through fair or unfair means and is least bothered whether or not it produces good human beings and responsible citizens.
    Stephen R. Covey in his book “Principle-Centered Leadership” spells out seven deadly sins which bring about the downfall of a society. One of these sins is education sans character building. He says: “As dangerous as a little knowledge is, even more dangerous is much knowledge without a strong, principled character. Purely intellectual development without commensurate inner character development makes as much sense as putting a high-powered sports car in the hands of a teenager who is up on drugs. Yet all too often in the academia, that is exactly what we do by not focusing on the character development of young people”.
    I would urge those who are at the helm of affairs to revisit their decision of decentralisation of curriculum and take it back to the centre and engage thorough professionals to design the curriculum and while doing so pay special attention to the extremely important components of education i.e, character building and personality grooming.

  3. Mr.Dur wali sb you r absolutely right I appreciate your observations and timely effort. Actually we are systemless in all fields of life we can pray only that Allah Almighty save us. thank u and keep it up.

  4. The problem with our education system is bsically the teachers who quit schools for the sake of few pieaces of papers printed by the central bank. They consider profession of teaching as time-pass. They are impressed of organizations like OGDCL, SNGPL, Shell, PSOetc over teaching at a school. They give only bashen and are not ready to do anything practically. For them teaching is a joke. For them deal with oil and gas exploration is more attractive. Kash ham log guftaar ke ghazi na hote to shayad sub kuch theek ho jata!

  5. Thank you papa for nice and comprehensive write up on education system. Unluckily, there are better and worst way to educate our children in Pakistan. But the main aim of our education should be to provide quality of education to all children for their holistic development for living morally, creatively and productively in the multicultural society.

  6. Timely effort and concise wrote up by Dur Wali Khan who has been part of the system for some time. We need a revolution like Iran to overcome this crisis.Present drmocracy or Martial law cannot deliver.

    • Iran is among the worst ruled countries in the world. After revolution when things went into the hands of the religious thugs (we have our own as well) Iran went down. Iran today is an isolated place where an old form of religious tyranny on their own people is being practiced and people are living in abject poverty and slavery. Citing Iran as a solution in any serious discussion is nothing but a joke.

    • the main problem lies in the National Curriculum, if we look at the example of our city we would witness that in every school they have the different curriculum for their students. for a strong and vital education system, a coherent and a unified curriculum is necessary

  7. sir I really enjoyed to read your article on education system..your right to categorise various types of education and their possible outcome…You mean to focus on creative learning rather than cramming to get certificates…Cramming and vomiting them on paper is never the objective of the education.