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What are causes behind rising suicide cases in Chitral? — 1 Comment

  1. The main cause of increasing ratio of suicides in Pakistan and especially in Chitral lies in the system of education of the country. The courses taught to the children is preserved in the same pattern as English had left over for us and no other or prominent change is brought in the system. There are no moral values and manners taught in this system of education. We are adept to Twinkle Twinkle little star and Ba Ba Black sheep and one being fluent in English whether one be an ultimate idiot is considered to be the ablest man. In the old system of education though it was not modern as based on scientific theories but it has been perfect in bringing up a strong soul with the teachings of 2 books of Sheikh Saadi in Persian Gulistan and Bustan as the compulsory subjects that taught honour, manner, philosophy and general dealings in life. I bet if these two books are re-introduced as a compulsory course in under-matric level be that translated in Urdu, the manners of the society will start getting changed by itself.
    Not only our political heads but Mullahs, tablighis and other theologists also go after their limited concerns and how to educate our children and society is always neglected as none has any time to spare for that.