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Upper Chitral power protesters set deadline for govt — 1 Comment

  1. Buck up! Prepare a workable demand/plan and get it approved from the Minister Energy and Power through the MNA. Mere asking him will not work because with the capacity of electric power commissioned from Golen and evacuated to Chitral strongly demands a fully fledged division at Chitral with two subdivisions at Drosh and Booni.
    Similarly, there is no need of any XEN sitting in Timargara and getting the computerized bills of Chitrali consumers done from there as against the accepted norms of Chitral being the provider of electricity to the whole of Malakand division. He must be shifted to Chitral with a, if not hundreds in tens transformers with a well equipped workshop. At present transformers are kept in Chakdara and Chitral has not a single and people are rushed to Chakdara for a transformer on their own expenses. Therefore, all such issues related to the regular evacuation of electricity to Chitral must be kept in the demand. In response to the demonstration on electricity supply at Booni.