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Tracing the roots of Buddhism in Chitral – 1 — 9 Comments

  1. Dear remember you are the first person in Chitral to write about the history of Buddhism. But you should have done it at your best.

  2. A circle is always here to let venom on any work which is of a quality. The writer should know it . My name has been wrongly written here

  3. بت فروش چترالی…. بت بیزمکو اولاد ! cent percent agree with Dr Khalil.

  4. One of the best so far , by the author. Looking forward to the next piece. Thanks

  5. an interesting research Sir.

    There is our relatives home in Kosht, SarwarAbad, previously known as “Budh”. I have just been through it two times during the last floods when Mastuj road was blocked at Kuragh and Muzgoal bridge was smashed away. I got not enough time to discuss with relatives there. I have heard from many at home and village that the name “Budh” was changed by my grandfather Sharaf Uddin Khan (Mordero Leftan) to Sarwar Abad, Probably in 1950s. Sarwar might be our baba from Sarwarabad. You can discuss if “Budh” was related to some Budhist monuments, traces or it was for just. Salihin, Mursaleen baba and other family members there might be helpful.

    Similarly I had read a book “Chini Nixad”, by Faramurz Raees, in which he beautifully describes Xoghore village related to “Ju gore”-two Budh fixed at mountain there. There were many more such references

  6. why are we interested in traces of Buddhism, they are the enemies of Muslim and Islam, hundred and thousand were killed in Maymar, and now the Buddhists have start Genocide of Muslim in Srilanka.Our relation with China is based on the mutual interest we are not the sincere friend. I don’t understand why we feel good finding our land relating it to Buddhism, why don’t we try to work on the history of Kalash in Chitral. Please discontinue this topic, we don’t like to know our links with Buddhism and all funny statues,, it is time to destroy their remaining if there are any left on our land. You can go ahead and digg and find little statues and sell them in market, we will call you: بت فروش چترالی and you children will be called بت بیزمکو اولاد

    • Mr. Khalil either remove Dr. from your name while commenting like a lay man or think about the reality that is there once the existence of Budhism in chitral and the author has put forward the historical fact that you can not deny.

    • Well written AM Khan. Don’t worry about Khalil’s comment. He is not a researcher so it very simple to understand how he finds past as part of Chitral’s history.