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Three master degree holders launch ‘Korumghar’ service — 7 Comments

  1. God help those who help themselves. keep it on.

  2. What a beautiful idea created by our intelligent brothers. This will create jobs for unemployed youth and also will provide services to the community. Now a days most of the male member of the house remain outside of their house due to their job requirement and female members cannot go to market to buy the required items. such families can be benefited from this initiative.

  3. we need the contact numbers of service provider so that we could be able to encourage the ‘korumghar forum, we want to see it a big business forum in future and we hope its demonstration effect will open the eyes of other educated youth of Chitral to take such a initiative.

  4. This idea will not only be successful but will provide employment opportunity to many other people. Thumbs up guysss. . God bless you

  5. Courageous and wise men take initiatives like this, go ahead, work diligently and make it a success. Nothing succeeds like success. You will show to the highly educated youth why should they keep incessantly waiting for white collar jobs when there is none in the market.

  6. Korumghar Service is good initiative by the youth Entrepreneurs.
    Few years back some graduates from IMS peshawar had started a similar service in the city by the name Dar-e-Wro, a pashto word can be translated in Khowar as “Alatam ya Alai”. This service, within few years was so successful that today hundreds of bikes carrying a container with the word Dar-e-Wro in the back seat can be seen in the roads of peshawar.
    Korumghar service will also meet the success like Dar-e-Wro soon. the entrepreneurs with passion, should focus on the standard of the service. Timeliness, quality of products and fair play would guarantee the success of the initiative.. Congrats for the initiative. Have many success!