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The notion of happiness — 18 Comments

  1. It is so heartening to see one of our daughters expressing her notion of happiness so clearly and so eloquently. She is so right in saying that there are so many things in life to be happy about, that we ignore or don’t even think about. It reminds me of a book published in 1990 that I read years ago titled “14,000 things to be happy about”. The writer is Barbara Ann Kepfer who holds a PhD in Linguistics and works on artificial intelligence. She has written this book because according to her she has 14000 things in her life to be happy about. Its a good read especially for women because at times (as a man) you feel like it doesn’t connect to you but for women point of view this is an amazing piece of work. This is a book which contains her personal thoughts but along the line, while reading it you feel the power of it. It doesn’t talk about huge achievements which make us happy rather tiny things in life such as being alive and breathing, the sound of birds, watching the sunset, hot cup of coffee in winters, a warm sweater, children etc. I would suggest one should read it. For me, happiness is a state of mind, you just need to feel it the rest is all beautiful.

  2. Nice Article as a keen observer of the society, we expect more after looking this one, Keep it up.

  3. Good article: Third and fourth level jollities come when an individual sincerely SUPERVENES RELIGION.

  4. This article indeed reflecs deep thinking. No doubt you are a keen observer of the society. Hope you’ll continue this Jahaad-bil-Qalam 😊

  5. Such a wonderful expression on the concept of happiness. It’s a reality that we are mostly not able to cope with the desire of happiness in the modern world concept. You have the beauty, energy and light inside you to be shared with the world, Asra Aman.

  6. Marvellous write up Asra.. no doubt you are inborn artist. you will be a great writer in future inshaAllah good luck

  7. A nice entry as a writer hope u will keep it up. “Allah karay Zoor qalam aor ziyada”

    • Thank you so much respected sir for your motivation and tremendous support. Your endorsment means a lot to me. Keep supporting us. Stay blessed