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  1. Fantastic writing by Mishael. She or he has pointed out some drawbacks of Chitral Society in particular and Islamic moral values in general that bother him/her according to own point of view.
    1_ Women are not wearing skin tight or semi nude dresses.
    2_ There are no women singers/dancers in the area.
    3_ Kalasha people are converted to Islam and they are not banned from that.
    4_ Kalasha people are taken to practice dance like making a cultural prostitution.
    5_ Mullahs are selected from here and they make the people strictly bound to Islamic social system.
    In a short visit or on in a year one cannot observe the nerve of a society or just accompanying with Farhan Bashir or hotel waiter or meeting an eager female Qurtulain who is desirous to escape mountains. Many English and other european and Japanese learned people have visited the area who all have different views about the society. Recently, two Japanese have converted to Islam and one even married here. Chitralis are though not fanatic in Islamic theology but they are most staunch Muslims to the citizens of downtown areas. The writer has been wrong to attribute Mr. Langland to introduce British language and culture here. Sayurj School has done a lot to make the general folk acquainted with a standard education, the said institution is not meant to introduce liberalism nor MMA is the cause to make the society strictly bound to Islamic culture. It is the spirit of the society to hold itself to a certain degree that is kept channeled. Furthermore, it is correct that Kalashas are being taken to dance and being paid even on the government level. Ofcourse this thing should not be practiced here but the writer should realise that the same thing is that which Kalasha people enjoy and what keeps them tied to their own primitive belief. They seem unique and are paid for. We as Muslims and you as humans should make some effort to make them abandon such practices.