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Teachers declared agents of change — 3 Comments

  1. Okay…let us be a bit frank and discuss the issue in more detail. Zuhran’s appointment for the second time as chairman ITREB lower Chitral has nothing to do whether His Highness is happy from him or not. For your kind information these people are being handpicked by Khawajas on the recommendations made by the people of the area. So please do not distort the fact. High Highness has lot more to do because he is a world leader and has a very busy schedule. Moreover, there are so many other people who have been occupying Imamat institutions for the last so many decades and Fida Hussain is one of the big examples. He has been occupying the estate office since he was reconverted to Ismailism some 30-35 years back. Do you think he is an angel sent from above and His Highness is happy only with him and rest of the Ismailis do not qualify for the slot…It is quite foolish! Anyway, next time we will talk about Izhar Hunzai of AKRSP and will share some interesting stories about him that how has he been doing in AKRSP.

  2. @ Khalid: We know very well who celebrated the ouster of Zohran Shah and for what reasons. I think Zohran don’t need certificate of clean chit from people like you. His appointment as the Chairman ITREB for lower Chitral twice is testimony to the fact that His Highness has full confidence in him.

  3. Good to see Zuhran Shah after long time since he was shown the door by AKESP high-ups in corruption scandals. Heard he is busy in paving the way to stage a comeback by greasing the palms of his Khawaja masters sitting in Karachi. We just do not want to see him in AKESP again or any other Imamat institution as he is the man who destroyed the education system in Chitral. This is the time he should stay home and spend a retired life, do some business like opening Batta or Service shoes shop in Chitral bazar, which will suit him well. Beware Dr Tajik and stay away from people like Zuhran. Tajik because you are an upright man and company of Zuhran Shah type people could prove very dangerous for you and you will certainly fall prey to his conspiracies sooner or later…a stitch in time saves nine!