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Suspected terrorists blow off bridge in Torkhow — 4 Comments

  1. While surfing through the internet yesterdayI came across an interesting lead on social media-a very respectable person from Rech area has uploaded a status that the bridge was in such a dilapidated condition that it could have broken down any moment and also that it has been burnt down. Now who did that he didn’t mention. That’s altogether a different scenario now. May I request this reputed online daily to bring forward the actual story behind the bridge collapse/demolition.

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  2. This is insane if the news is true that terror elements may have been behind this. This is alarming as well because Chitral had never seen such incidents apart from the few incidents of sectarian aggression. Though it has been observed over the past few years that the intelligence agencies are proactively working in the area to avert any such like situation. It seems that they are no more active and have revert to the old style of laid back attitude. There is another thing and perhaps the most important thing of all, and that is the public vigilance. The local communities themselves have to look around and see whether some elements of society are either trying to spread hatred by advocating anti state ideas or they seem suspicious enough to be report to the LEAs. We in Chitral, live in complete harmony and the views of one person cannot remain hidden from others for a long time. Please Act and help your country because if we don’t then we shouldn’t be complaining about the law enforcement agencies to keep us safe. It is our duty as much as theirs.

  3. It is unbelievable that for the 1st time we heard terrorist act in peaceful land of Chitral. People of chitral must be unite against terrorist. operation is necessary against these activist.

  4. Intelligence agencies should trace inside the villages those suspects who had tried to create uncertainty in the area. Such opperation should be under Radul fisad.