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Supreme Court hints at nationalizing private schools — 5 Comments

  1. It has became a tradition in Pakistan’s justice system to do some drama one after one. see choudary Iftikhar did drama for sue motu action for onion and tomato products, see the just retired judge what he did and now this gentleman. He went to English medium private school, his children and all politicians, bureaucrats and corrupt people sending their children to private schools. It’s just changing concentration of public and spend his time.its better solve people’s problems and do some speedy judgments and make courts active.Do your job and follow your job description.

  2. The respected judges are requested to send their children to the government schools first.

  3. Private Schools are a “Financial Killer Mafia” looting students’ parents with the sword of Fee charging. We appreciate Supreme Court and High Court recent decision to protect the parents from this Private Schools mafia. Government shall play its role in enforcing S.C decision with iron hands.

  4. This would be a disastrous move from the Govt. We don’t learn from history lessons. Today when we look back at our history there was only one leader after Quad e Azam who mobilised masses like never before i.e. Mr. Bhutoo BUT see what happened when he decided to nationalise the industrial sector-a complete disaster. The Govt. should regulate the private educational institutions instead of taking control of it. We all know for a fact that the Govt. doesn’t have sufficient resources to run its own institutions fairly let alone managing the private institutions? This is not a cure to the disease rather just a short sighted medication to contain it. The govt. knows well that why parents want to send their children to a private institution instead of a sarkari school or college-quality. What surety the govt. is going to give to the parents about maintaining that? This is absurd because if the govt. believes that it can maintain the same level of existing quality teaching and learning in these private institutions after taking over the charge then one wonders they must have found a magic wand; otherwise if it was possible, why aren’t they using the same to improve the quality of the govt. run educational institutions. Change is good for a society and it is true that the society will have to pay a price for a better future but not like this, Not at the cost of the future of our children. The fee structure can be brought down to a justifiable level, the other unnecessary fee in the name of various activities can be cut down and entry could be made accessible to all on merit basis but taking over the management of the schools- not a good idea at all.

  5. Very good news. There is a private school headed by a foreigner in Chitral. And it will be great if the govt takes it over as a huge amount of taxpayers’ money has been given to it by respective givernments. The school failed to perform as expected. We love to to hear the good news when it will be nationalised.