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Sunni elders join Ismailis to prepare Didargah for Aga Khan’s visit — 32 Comments

  1. اہل بونی کے لیے یہ نئ بات نہیں ہے-بونی کی اہل سنت برادری نے ماضی میں بھی اس طرح کی محبت کا اظہارعملی طور پر کیا ہے

  2. Keep it up, strengthen the Sunni Ismaili brotherhood and don’t let Mullahs interfere into our lives out of Masjid. Once they misled the Chitralies and created an irreparable rift between two communities. Today the same Mullahs are in hugs with Ismailies. Poor innocent people lost their lives and today the Mullahs have no answer to the question, why did they order people to go ahead and burn down Ismaili hostel located at Klup Risht Chitral along with the people inside. if you want to see the attitude of Mullahs for proof please cut and paste the following link in your search bar. This fact of history is undeletable, If Chitraltoday decides not to publish my comment, the history books are always there to studay, and every man and woman of chitral who are 45 years old can tell us everything about the tregidy of 1982.


    • My mother belong to Suni sect of Islam we are ismaili,both sides have complete harmony, tolerance and acceptance.Faith should be individual matter and sect preaching should be within mosques and jamatkhans.No hatred should be spread from this places.Dr.Khalil you proved a great human.THANK YOU

  3. When one says the Aga Khan is recognized the world over for his work and services, it means he has ‘good standing’ at the world stage and gets ‘head of state’ protocol internationally. His philanthropic work in third world countries are recognized and appreciated hence he is able to attract donors to fund his NGOs. But then again how would a ‘vet’ understand all this when he is biased in his mind.

  4. This tentamounys to true spirit of Islam irrespective of the sects. Let us respect the individual practice and unite. Diversity is strength

  5. This is not the first time our Sunni brethren have joined hand in hand in welcoming the “Prince” as he is well known to the Western world with this connotation of the utmost respect. In many occasions whether it has been the construction of prayer halls or that of offering of goodwill messages across both the communities have joined together as brothers and sisters under the universal benevolence of the true spirit of Islam which proves that Islam is a religion of peace and harmony. Being in majority our Ahl-e-Sunnat brothers have big hearts too and on every occasion we have found them ever cooperative and welcoming, a rare commodity in most parts of the world when it comes to sectarian and interfaith harmony and brotherhood. In fact, Chitral has been blessed by the Almighty Allah with the true manifestation of the living Islam as has been recognised by a book by Mr. Magnus Marsden in his famous book on the subject. We love, respect and desire to reciprocate our feeling of gratitudes for our Sunni brethren in Chitral and elsewhere, and commit on part that you will find us be side by side you on all the occasions happiness and time of need as well. Stay happy and blessed.

  6. Passionately awaiting for our didar. good to see both the communities together making more strong the brotherhood in the region.

  7. we are proud of Prince karim Aga khan the Immam of Ismaili Muslims…he always preaches peace and harmony which is the spirit of Islam..that is why his followers are known as peaceful people who have never created law and order situation in any part of the globe…the credit goes to Immam and he is equally respected at higher level across the world…

  8. In fact, I my intention was not to publish the few lines written above. I was supposed to send it to editor through e-mail. But trust me it happened unintentionally. I did not even expect that the editor will openly publish it. As such there is nothing wrong in comment, but it is matter of perception, I knew it will be misperceived. If we go into deeper meaning of RECOGNITION, it sounds like the accept some thing or someone from the very bottom of heart. The services of Prince Karim Aga khan are undoubtfully recognized at many levels, including UN as you mentioned. But the problem is we (including myself) don’t look out of the box. The Ismaili community is Muslim minority among Muslim sects. Rest of the Muslim communities in general and Sunni community don’t recognize the services offered under the umbrella of AKDN, and the reason is known to all of us. So, saying recognized by all mankind or whole world will not be very true. We all should be able to understand the mindset of each other to maintain peace and harmony in our surrounding.
    We can take a small example of UN itself, no one can deny importance of UN but every one us know how many communities and countries, and Iran in particular don’t accept UN as the unbiased platform of all the counties in the world. I am sure we are mature enough to understand rest of everything if we have spent at least 25 years in Chitral. If we don’t have that minimum experience of living in Chitral, it is impossible to understand what i have tried to say.
    واللہ اعلم

  9. I don’t know what Dr. Khalil takes ‘recognition’ to be, and exactly what sorts of ominous omens and ‘troubles in society’ may ensue, by his lights, if such ‘statements’ are repeated. At any rate, what precisely would it mean to be ‘recognized by the whole world’, or whether that is the import of the statements he is referring to, is something that can be deliberated on at length. Without getting into semantics, it might be helpful to remember that Prince Karim Aga Khan was ‘recognized’ as ‘Champion for Global Change’ at the Global Leadership Dinner at the United Nations this past week. That, for me at least, is pretty high level of ‘recognition’ (in the sense of appreciation and acknowledgment) and, importantly, has little to do with his status as a religious authority for a minority Muslim community. I can anticipate Dr. Khalil responding that the UN is an ‘elite Western club’ and has nothing to do with the world at large. I won’t deny there being some merit to such an assertion, but then one ought not insist on ‘realistic statements’ because even the valorization of a certain understanding of what is ‘real’ is itself a product of a specific historical process in a fairly delimited geographic region, Western Europe and North America in the main.

  10. Ismailis are honoured to have Sunni brothers side by side with them in every step of life. if some harsh event had occurred in the context then the reason behind that had not been the religion but politics. Chitral has been best example in terms of religious harmony and pluralism. it is my utmost wish and prayer that this bond of brotherhood, love and care for each other remain alive in our society.

  11. Price Karim Aga khan is immam if muslim minority and is respected by many including me, But saying he is recognised by the whole world is again a BIG LIE. If this kind of statement repeated, it may not be a good omen and could cause troubles in society. Thank Allah no one has seen these unrealistic statements so far. I will request Chitral today to keep eyes on the comments of readers and publish only the statements based upon reality. One has to understand the meaning of recognition before using it. One can say he is known because of his development activities by the huge number of people but is never recognised by the whole world in any context. The necessary correction may please me made. Thanks

    • What are you talking about? Recognition doesn’t mean that he is followed by all muslims as imam, it simply means that people know him and recognize him for his work. Stop feeling so insecure about your faith all the time.

  12. It is the beauty of Islam and chitral where u experience such like harmony. It would not be exaggeration to say that chitral has so many such activities u can see jointly working during masjid or jamat khana construction..Through this comment it is requested to mantain this harmony in chitral in any cost…

  13. Shukhar Allahamdulliha best news of era finally the spirit of brotherhood has emerged Let us be all ONE in the spirit of ISLAM

  14. His Highness is one of the greatest leaders on earth. His achivements are remarkable.His philanthropy is universal and benifits all without discrimination. May God give him long life with health.Ameen.

  15. Shukhar Allahamdulillah. Keep up the spirit of brotherhood and unity in the ummah. God will always reward you.

  16. Great this is the way we should be working together and helping each other as we all are one. Everyone helping
    Will be blessed many fold. Bless you all.

  17. Shukher Alhamdullilah. This is great. Now time has come for Zahurat.

    Mowlana Hazir Imam is recognized and respected by the whole world. He has sacrificed His whole life for the betterment of not only global Jamat but the whole world.
    We all pray for his good health and long life. Ameen

    Heartiest Mubaraki for Diamond Jubilee.
    Let us pray that Imam bless us all with His Diamond Jubilee Darbar soon. Ameen

  18. Prince Karim Aga Khan has done too much in the field of health and education in the northern areas of Pakistan for everyone. Every citizen can take full advantage of thes facilities in the Hospitals, Health Centres and Schools.

  19. Congratulations on the building of bridges for such an event.May Allah Bless you all with Happiness Peace and Unity for this brotherhood. AMEEN.

  20. Dear Chitralis, Qaqlast was a better place than this “Shotar”. Please reconsider the suitability of the area. Thank you.

  21. Alhamdulillah. This is a wonderful example of working together, respecting each other, of unity and muslim brotherhood.

    This is in the spirit and letter of what Allah says in the Quran and what Prophet Mohammed PBUH said

    The strength of Muslim communities lies in its unity. God says in the Noble Quran:

    “And hold fast all together by the rope which Allah (stretches out for you) and be not divided among yourselves; and remember with gratitude Allah’s favor on you; for ye were enemies and He joined your hearts in love so that by His grace ye became brethren; and ye were on the brink of the pit of fire and He saved you from it. Thus doth Allah make his signs clear to you: that ye may be guided.} (Al-Imran 3:103)

    Unity collate the good for the collective good and shun out the evil that may be therein. This also blocks out Satan

    Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) also guided Muslims to work together as a team. In a beautiful hadith, he said:
    “Faithful believers are to each other as the bricks of a wall, supporting and reinforcing each other. So saying, the Prophet Muhammad clasped his hands by interlocking his fingers.” (Al-Bukhari)

    • What is not very well known and seldom is the Muslims of every denomination in India had elected the Agha Khan as the president of Muslim League for life. He stepped aside to make way for Jinnah on his own volition and reasons.Jinnah himself was a born Shia.

      Sectarian differences were confined to only a few locations — mostly in Avadh that was later renamed, United Provinces. Maudoodi proclaimed that Jinnah proposed was ‘na-Pakistan’ and did not wish to have anything to do with it. Maulana Husain Ahmed Madini, head of Dar-ul-Uloom, Deoband declated it ‘haraam’ to vote for Muslim League. The Ahraris called Jinnah ‘kafir-azam.

      They were the people most rest responsible for backwardness among the Muslims. Among other things they issued ‘fatwas’ that it was haraam for Muslims to study English and Science and declared that electricity was the work of Shaitan. Now Allah forbid they want to take control of Pakistan It is not difficult to imagine what they will do her.

  22. Congratulations to all who are kind enough to lend a hand for the visit of Imam of the humanity. Your good faith work and sincere efforts will be rewarded in some way in some form at some point in your or in the lives of your posterity.

  23. I shed tears of joy to see that a kernel of muslin brotherhood is alive in alive in Chitral.