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SRSP’s poverty alleviation efforts eulogized — 3 Comments

  1. Dear Imran,

    Lets be careful before we abuse every institution of abusing its authority. The Chitral Scout is a national institutions where almost one fifth of the households of Chitral are represented. These are the poorest households. No rich man sends his children to the Scouts. SRSP has funding for building facilities of the State which caters for such people. The funding it has received specifically mentions this. It operates in all conflict areas and has this mandate and funding to do this. The women’s hostel is a perfect example of this even though it may be managed by the Chitral Scouts. SRSP needs to be congratulated for catering for this need. It has not pocketed this money and decided to use the funds where the government has asked it to use it. Congratulation to SRSP

  2. Gross misuse of Aid Money by SRSP. Frontier Corps (FC) is a well resourced organization and is capable to construct this facility on its own. SRSP can instead, channel these fund towards the poor populace of area of its mandate i.e. Rural #Chitral.