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All set to celebrate Shandur festival from 29th — 1 Comment

  1. It is a good news for all of us that the Shandur polo and other activities will noramlly take place like the past.Since 1914, Chitral has been playing the role of a host and always played a positive role in creating congenial environment over there.Tourists in side the country and from abroad have always enjoyed this event.Over the years Shandur polo has got further momentum with the passage of time and the local people have provided the hospitality to in country and to foreign tourists.International tourists have got a very good impression about the people of the two region chitral and Northern areas during their short stay in Shandur and during the polo match.The law enforcing agencies and the people should deal with iron hand with those if any who want to subvert the peaceful atmosphere to fulfill their ulterior motives.Shandur is a picnic spot and place of polo and games and has been the high pasture of laspurian and every body knows it.
    Nizar Ali Shah
    Development Consultant