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Shahzada Taimur decides to contest election as independent candidate — 4 Comments

  1. In my personal opinion Shahzada sb should not have opted for Politics after completing a successful professional career. Politics is like a dirty business-it doesn’t suit a person who had such a successful professional career in civil service. The question is whether he is ready to face the unexpected criticism and foul play which comes from opposing sides?

    His decision to contest polls will make one of his larger family member’s chances of winning less. The votes of PPP and other liberal/moderate parties will get divided; giving the pro-religious parties an advantage.

  2. The question is that: ‘Is he popular among masses and has a profound based or at least any type of social connection with Lotkuhis in particular and with people of other areas of Chitral in general’?

  3. Shahzda Taumur will destroy votes of Salim Khan and Iftikhar. Every election sees such vote spoilers. If PPP did not give him ticket he should nit jump into field on his own.

  4. Good decision. The Chitrali people are really waiting for people like Shahzada Taimur Khusrow.