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PML-N ignores Upper Chitral in selection of candidates — 3 Comments

  1. History should repeat itself.one Mehtar and one his Balika:; the people who live Mehtar will elect him so he could look after Mehtar. poor people have no choice.we need one strong voice, and it’s enough.good luck…

  2. i dont know why PMLN always ignored upper chitral. i think syed ahmad lal and Hakim ali Adc from booni were the best candidate for the PK-1. PMLN’s leadership did big mistake to choose abdul wali khan.in upper chitral every body knows Syed Ahmad lal and Hakim ali more than abudul wali khan and plus abdul wali khan just joined PMLN.he changed almost 4 parties.

  3. This shows the lack of political acumen of PML(N) leadership; decision made in haste, is going to be a tough nut to crack for the candidates during their campaign….Both the candidates of PML(N), although having credentials on various aspects, have switched to PML-N just before submitting their nomination papers.Let’s see how they are going to justify their decision of giving tickets to both the candidates from lower chitral and secondly, how they are going to defend their own positions of joining the party at the eleventh hour. In this moment, the candidates are not even having the support of senior PML-N workers of upper Chitral. From upper chitral, Shahzada Ifitikhar is hoping to get benefit from the vote bank of his illustrious father, as this gentleman has no support in U/C as his father had. Advocate Abdul Wali is hopeful to cash his personal influence in the area. In this very moment, PML-N workers of upper chitral are not in favour of any of the the candidates. As both are imposed upon the party from certain “Khalaie makhlooqs”. Poor Naveed Chughtai – incumbent president of PML-N Chitral – is in no position to secure any vote for his party candidates (particularly from upper chitral).If this current situation persists, PML-N ticket holders will secure 4th and 5th position respectively in the upcoming elections.