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Sectarian divide — 2 Comments

  1. Amazing article based on facts and figers and reliable references.Thank you Mr Khaki sahib. We born as a human beings first religions and sects came after so we must have to respect humanity first ‘ doesn’t matter whatever is beliefs of someone.As a Muslim we must understand the beautiful meaning of one of the Ayat of Constitution of Humanity( The Quran( ” There is absolutely no force in religion” Or another place ” Whatever you like as religion fallow and whatever I want let me do ” (summaries).There are countless Ahadith Sharif of Nabi Akhar Zaman’s love and affectionate behavior with none Muslims during his time.but unfortunately Muslims lost now the right path of Nabi Pbuh.

  2. Dear writer, thank you for helping the world to live friendly together in peace and harmony. In 21st century we cannot afford relationship based on hatred. This is the time to share sweet words, care, love. Living with hard feelings can burn our energy and resources. Lets come together as a single soul, this is what all the holy religions of the world teach us. Being Muslims we should be proactive and forward looking and progressive and caring.

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