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Sacked varsity employees threaten self-immolation — 2 Comments

  1. We appeal TO the chief minister of KP to terminate teachers and all other staff from grade 16 and above at Chitral University as they were appointed on sifarish. Not a single person was appointed on merit.The NTS was a fraud. One of them currently working in BS 18 hardly secured round about 160 marks (almost failed as passing marks were 140) in the recently held exams of KP Public Service Commission for the posts of lecturers. This is the level of their competence. I would suggest to the KP government to direct concerned authorities to appoint teachers at the newly established university through FPSC as this is no excuse that universities are autonomous institutions. It is like playing with the future of the new generations. All those right from teaching cadre to admin should be laid off and directed to appear in FPSC exams. Otherwise it is of no use to waste the taxpayers money in the name of a so-called university.