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Ex-Langlands School teachers grilled for anti-principal posters — 5 Comments

  1. i think the Board of Directors should be held accountable as the major decisions are being taken there. why they let an individual to misutize the budget.

  2. Wow, madam, we thought you would turn the school into Cambridge but the way the school is going down shows you should immediately step down and go back to UK. We the people of Chitral do not need you any longer. The school should be handed over to the government. I would also like to warn the political leadership of the area to wake up from the deep slumber in the best interest of the future generation.

  3. It is absolutely right,the necessary funds have been misused.There should have been a hostel for remote area students. The boarding house fund has been used illegally and students from remote area of chitral are unable to get admission at the Langlands school and chitral.Why doesn’t the district govt take action against this big loss.shame shame shame..

  4. The former teachers should not be worry about school. NAB has started investigating 180 million rupees, and how much has been used to multiple unnecessary purposes.

  5. The school management has failed to come up to the expectations of the people. The number of students to the school has not down to half rather it has reached zero. A third party validation and audit of the school is a MUST. Or else, this great institution of GD Langlands is destined to be destroyed. I would like to request the former students of the school to immediately form a union and approach the government to take it over as soon as possible.

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