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Double standard of religious parties on women market issue exposed — 3 Comments

  1. Hazrat Khatija ul kubra,s business was a role model of all women in the world not for only Muslim women. The last prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAWS) did not refuse to accept her offer of business. Who the hell these mulas are going against Sunnate Rasul. Is there anyone in Chitral to answer them. take them to the court Because these mulas are against women,s right and Sunnate.

  2. By watching all these events and by reading all these absurd stories which compel you to believe that maybe these people have nothing else productive to do that’s why they try to find and create an issue out of no issue; a feeling of hopelessness comes in the minds of even the most optimistic Chitralies. For how long you can resist CHANGE? that is a matter of time because change has to occur and it will occur no matter whether you like it not. Won’t it be better to prepare ourselves to manage the change wisely rather than creating a desperate hue and cry about why change is happening? Food for thought!

  3. A sorry state of affairs. Unless the users and beneficiaries particularly the women folk do not raise their voice, the conditions will not improve in Chitral for women.