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Puppets ruin organizations — 5 Comments

  1. First of all HR department and Selection Committees have to be independent and under no pressure in making decisions. Secondly as i have seen, the nepotism in organisations have cultural background too. Some the employees who are in the senior level are compelled by their relatives and elders to accommodate their near and dear ones. Otherwise the officer would be termed as (asay kya mosh tan no) or (we hardio mosh) (ishkostain kyagh no kori retire hoi) etc.
    The society is equally responsible here in pressurizing organisations. Similarly if we take the example of AKRSP and SRSP they are hiring people related specific parties and ethnic and religious families when they come under pressure.
    HR is a dynamic field and the key is to empower it and make it part of the decision making process. In the development sector HR is considered as part of the support function and merely treated as a rubber stamp.

  2. The main thing in organization is Right person for the right job but unfortunately absenteeism of HR Culture in these organization raise the above points in the article.
    Secondly the referent political, coercive,
    & autonomous intrinsic legitimate power of organization bring such unlawful acts.

  3. AkRSP is one of the best example of organization with puppet employees.To be employee in AKRSP chitral one should be mehtar xawey,roshtey or related to mhtar xawey…

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