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‘Pukhta Ustad’ calls it a day — 6 Comments

  1. Salute to this great man.I had the honor to appear in an exam which he had conducted as superitendent in GHS Kosht in 90s , by then I used to hate the way he managed exam hall ,later I realized he was doing all good with pious intent.

  2. I remember my class 8th exam at GHS Booni in which Mr. Nadir Aziz was the exam superintendent. A few days before the exam most of the students gathered in the school lawn in a bid to pass the exam with “short cuts”. In the informal meeting it was the majority decision to contribute Rs. 100 per head for “serving” the invigilators team so as to build a rapport with them so that the invigilators would help the majority in passing the exam with ease while some aspirants had hopes of obtaining high marks with a combination of fair and unfair means! A few of us who were reluctant were warned that if you did follow suit the invigilators would target you unduly. Anyhow, I also had to pay the money which was a huge sum for me then and a day before the exam preparations for a lavish feast in the honor the invigilators headed by Mr. Nadir Aziz underwent zestfully. On the first day of the exam a young angry man with roaring voice of a lion announced instantaneously that all the illegitimate collections from all the students ought to be returned and that neither he nor any one of his staff shall accept any invitations of food by the students. The hall of the examination went through a pin-drop silence, all of a sudden. Mr. Nadir Aziz maintained a thorough and strict discipline all the way through the exam. All the cheating prone candidates were warned and the committers were penalized straight away. No practical parts of the exam were spared undone and all the practical notebooks were checked and marked. In a nutshell, this has been the only just and fair examination ever carried out in my lifetime and this has remained the only examination in which the hardworking and the meritorious fared the best results. All this was possible due to the ever unwavering character of a real man of straightforwardness, justice and merit. If we have any value for meritocracy and justice we must salute to the commitment of this great teacher and administrator.

  3. I always remember the people who are special for me, important for me, I can only pray for them. My great teacher sir Nadir Aziz one of those people who is special and important for me. Supporting and encouraging descended students is one of the characteristics that differentiates him from others. Following the guiding principles is another characteristic of him which makes him respectable in the eyes of everyone in the society. He has never wasted time of students and always remained role model in front of everyone.

  4. Congratulations to Nadir Aziz sahib on completion of his successful academic innings he played with devotion and commitment. Wish him long life.

  5. Mr. Nadir Aziz popularly known as Pukhta Mashter’ award are no doubt a great honor for him and for the school. Pukhta Mashter has received many awards and gained popularity due to his honesty, dutyfulness, punctuality and for his strong academic performance. I and many others like me comment that the highest award which he received was Pukhta Mashter and this award was from the side of Brep Community where he served as primary school teacher. Wish him all the best.

  6. Dear Editor, Through your esteemed online “Chitraltody”, I would like to convey my profound regards, respect and tributes to the GREAT TEACHER. I never had the opportunity to meet and benefit from this teacher, yet his dedication, commitment, love for duty and keeping the principles always supreme made him one of my most favourite personalities. I wish education department Chitral had a few teachers like him. I pray for long life, happiness and prosperous retired life of the Great Teacher – Nadir Aziz.