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PTI does not deserve our votes for its broken promise — 4 Comments

  1. یہ تیری جماعت اورتو صوبےکو تباہی کے دہانے پہ پہنچائی تھی انشاء اللہ اس سال آپ کی جماعت مکمل طور پر شکست ہوگی

  2. its true that im going to vote for Gen.Pervez Musharaf, because im not selfish person, what ever Gen.PM did for the people of chitral,if we are really chitrali then we shouldn’t forget his service. im sure that my vote is not enough for him to win the election. as a chitali we never forget Gen.PM’s service for chitral. and we all have to vote for him this time too like in 2013 election, but no body does it and never thinks about Gen.PM’s feelings and love for the people of chitral. I request all my chitrali brothers and sisters before casting vote for anybody we just think about pre-lowari tunnel and post lowari tunnel life. I am not a follower of JI,this is my personal opinion that there is a lot of reason and chances that JI will win the election in chitral.

  3. Yani app jamati hain, aur Pervaiz ka naam waise hi letay hain. Jamat kya karsakta hy wo pervez k daur ma KP mai kiya tha sabko pata hy. Is akhbar mai aik khabar ayi, Jamat ko pata nahi manshur kya hota hy, aur ab kya manshur hy pata nahi bas khokla naghra sy chalta hy.

  4. Wow, what a smart move…the last paragraph of love letter for JI says it all that for whom the writer is cursing the PTI. “Insha-Allah JI will win but my vote is for Musharraf”. The word Insha Allah is the most powerful word. And once it is said it is simply out of question to vote for anyone else.
    Let me tell you about the prospects of JI winning polls. The JI is equally blamed if PTI had failed to do anything because it was its coalition partner. The way its finance minister ran the all important finance ministry is not hidden to us all. He doled out jobs to his cronies and that is just a tip of the iceberg. And it blackmailed the party for complete five years. Ask Sirajul Haq how he managed to reach upper house of parliament. Jamat e Islami wale dood ke dhule nehi hein as they are equally corrupt. The JI is running the govt and that too for second term. Shuker he tum ne yehi kaha keh Maghfirat Shah ne doodh ki nehrein baha di he Chitral me. Pucho na ja ke zara un se keh baba kya kiya abi tak tum ne Chitral k liye. PTI lied over declaring Mastuj distt…yeh lafz Maulana Chitrali ke haton chur chur ho chuka he, bahot drama kiya is lafz ko le ker, bt let me tell the JI alliance, the MMA, is set to KISS the dust in next elections.

    Footnote: I am not a supporter of any chap belonging to PTI in Chitral because all of them are the younger brother of Maulana Chitrali, Maghfirat Shah, Salim Khan, Sardar Hussain and Iftikharuddin. If there is anything which give me hope is the top guy, Imran Khan, the Captain. I am optimistic if he found any guy from his party involved in corrupt practices, he will boot him out like he did with your Bibi Fozia.