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Prince Aga Khan arrives in Islamabad on 12-day visit of Pakistan — 2 Comments

  1. Very Very good,Amazing,brilliant article Mr.Abdul wali sb, keep it up.I want to request all the readers to read this aritcle agian nd again nd to educate the people like this. very well done Mr.Abdul wali sb.

  2. I know this visit to Pakistan by Aga Khan is the day of new begining and from now on Pakistan is going to see new initiative and move forward and Inshallah our country will get rid of poverty a country of law and order all the problems of the past will vanish and all Pakistan citizens will come together no matter whether Shia , Sunni, or whatever they are they will unite as one and Government will work with utmost sincerity unselfihness and maintain Law and Order get rid of all kind corruptions it is hightime how many people had sacrified their lives to gain independence and inshallah Pakistan will become beacon of Islam what aga khan Sultan Mohammed Shah had envisioned and work tiredlessly to help all the people and countries who are suffering and take Islam in true direction what our Prophet(PBH) had worked so hard to Establish our religion Lets unite under one banner all Muslims all over the world from everycountry no more division act as one and try to help each other look at the suffering in Syria Iraq Libya Yemen and other countries how did we let this happen and now maasacre of Muslims in burma Maymar Please stop this genocide use your power against this Buddhist Militant who are mercelessly killing our brothers it is already too late and this shoul never happen again i hope u understand Please form a Muslim United Nation Please for Allahs sake do something and try to change and have a plan to find the right direction Thank u May Allah bless all Our Muslims family all over the world and may they find peace and happiness thank you Malik