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Practices and concept of play in early years of children in Upper Chitral — 7 Comments

  1. Well articulated article by kiren.parents ‘s involvement in children activities has always been important topic for all professional who are serious about building the nation. You have highlighted a sensitive issue by your thorough research.

  2. I guess ECD concept is not new now, nor a contested topic. It is established that ECD is important and in that regard parental involvement is important.

    We expect the experts of the field to look deep into the issues surrounding the reluctance of mothers/or both parents to participate in the learning process at the ECD stage particularly in the rural setting, if not in all settings. Is there any opportunity cost involved apart from what we say is cultural constraint? Can we devise methods to effectively deal with rampant ignorance on the part of parents that restricts, if it is so?

    Enlightening on these questions will help in furthering the cause.

  3. well written i do agree with you. currently every one at society are in race and we expecting continue reading from their kids without involvement in other social activities. most parents treat their child like a dictator. this type of approach not only creating a gap between the child and parents but also affecting the development process of the child as well.

  4. Well written. Awriter A.M.Khan writing about primary education published in this newspaper had also written about the concept of learning by playing.