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Population of Kalash declining – really? — 1 Comment

  1. Mr. Zahiruddin! I think you do not need to justify that their converting of Islam is the cause of their population decline. Moreover, this theory is also wrong that Shah Nadir or some other ruler ended the Kalasha rule.Kalasha were the people of lower Chitral i-e from Bakrabad to Naghar and Khow people were of the upper side. The Capital of All these Kafir regions was Kosht where the main fort of Kafiristan existed. Khow converted to Islam in a gradual process that also continued among the latter converting Kalashas that still is in process. One cannot ban a man for adopting Islam as religion by own and it is his/her right. It is also a fairy tale that these Kalashas or Mirs of Badakshan are descendants of the injured left behind soldiers of Alexander. The civilization and culture of Greeks was more humanely thousands of years back as compared to these Kalasha people of 21st century.
    Pity for our Muslims people and government that are making these people dance before foreigners and own leaders and making money from that. At least they are Chitralis first and then Pakistanis, then how would it be rightful to make dance of women. It is our own humility.