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Political parties seek reconstitution of TLSC governing body — 8 Comments

  1. i like the second photograph where Mr Siraj seems a bit nervous. Pls zoom it as well if possible, pls do it sir, as it is a historic picture 🙂 I am sure this is the photograph which was captured when the students started go Siraj go and go pilot go slogans when he wanted to sit at the chair of of the principal in wake of the protests that took place some weeks back.

  2. This institution has played a key role in bringing up the standard of education of Chitral since 1990s.
    It should not be sacrificed in the interest of a single person or party. Educationists should decide for the education. Children, parents and teachers are suffering and the schoool is earning a bad name. It was basically a charity institution of common people. The school has been MISS Managed.

  3. Teachers are protesting with so many demands and I think they have no issue of salaries. They should talk and talk but there is no one to talk for solution. Where is mam carey. is she in Chitral or not. She first come to school and open it and resolve issues of school. Or govt should carry out inquiry to sole it. delay will damage education of our kids.

  4. School should open for classes and issues solved by talking to teachers who have genuine reservations but it is not good to take processions. Parents should come to school and speak to teachers to know what they want.

  5. Its shocking to see political leader meeting to decide the fate of a school. It only confirms that the issues at the school are more than governance, management and teaching and the dispute stinks with dirty politics. No school runs without any funds. In the initial years it was the great work of Javed Majid as Deputy Commissioner that raised funding for the school. Later it was the lone efforts of Mr Langlands that raised funding that kept it going and finally the fund came because of the efforts of Ms Carey. Where were the politicians of the All Parties in raising the funds which are the blood line for the school. Nowhere. Similarly about accountability. Between 1990 and 2012 what was the mechanism for auditing the funds received by the school. There is none as far as I know. After 2012 there was a Board and annual audits and all the funds can be traced. We can question the decisions of the board in setting priorities about how the funds were used but there is no question about where the funds were used. So all the noise about accountability is questionable. Similarly a big issue is made of the land. It cannot go anywhere whether the school is a government property or belongs to a non profit organisation. It can only be used for the purpose for which it was given. If its given to a non profit the law is clear. Even if the non profit dissolves the school’s assets can only be transferred to an institution with similar objectives. Another point surprising is the salaries of the school. The salaries of the school teachers are certainly higher than the private school that are mushrooming in Chitral but they are below government salaries. How come the school teachers if they are not well paid do not go off to the private schools. By exploiting the situation founders of many private schools have ensured that unions will be formed in their schools too and their staff have every right to question the measly salaries their schools pay to their teachers. Most of the issues being raised about the school are bogus issues which would not be able to stand up to any impartial inquiry. The most important questions are: Are the parents satisfied with the education their children are receiving? Can the governance be improved. We have to remember that the board is a voluntary body which does derive any benefit from the working of the school? So how many volunteers have the ability to join it and finally how do you raise funds for the school? Without any funds this school is a dead school in a couple of months. Can its board help raise those resources for the school. These are issues which the civil society and the intelligentia of Chitral should be debating. Instead is a lot of politicians who do not even have their children in the school joining a mela.

  6. some people must realize now that running a school is quite different from running a hotel and you need educationists to govern it. But we will never understand ..I guess.

  7. Mismanagement in school was an allegation now looking at the school administration’s inability to handle the issue confirms it. This school needs urgent revamp.

  8. All political parties,parents,lawyers,socail society ,teaching staffs ,non teaching staffs and students seem UNITED to streamline the great institution of chitral.

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