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PML-N supporters celebrate suspension of sentences against Nawaz — 4 Comments

  1. While PML-N alleged polling irregularitie, Imran Khan s PTI took a comfortable lead paving their way to probably emerge as the single largest party. Official confirmation is still awaited. The supporters of PTI celebrate in Karachi.

  2. If you are a lawyer, a professor, a doctor, an engineer, head of some organization, etc. you should at least be able to communicate properly. You should be a good speaker. Urdu is not like speaking Pashto or listening to Pashto songs. Language does matter and you should be a good speaker whether you are speaking Khowar, Urdu, English or whatever language. Language is something through which you can judge someone’s abilities. When you start talking to someone, it becomes clear within no time whom you are talking to. To cut the long story short, if expressing one’s views is not the yardstick to judge one’s capability, Shoshpa Ugh has wonderful views. Let me say he expresses his views ten times better than majority of these lawyers.

  3. The PMLN lawyer, I must say, is a BRILLIANT Urdu speaker…I’m sure, he MUST be equally good, at English :)))

    • That was uncalled for from your end. Language has nothing to do with his views. He speaks out loud one must not use journalism to personally attack someone else.