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PM orders survey of Broghil road for inclusion in CPEC — 6 Comments

  1. The honorable MNA has been boosting our expectations and hopes on many developmental projects but till now we have not seen any concrete work on his part. Does uploading the scan copies of applications on news site serve any purpose other than attempting to glisten one’s political tactics? The NHA does not work on the basis of directives and orders solely- it has got well established norms and SoPs of its own regarding undertaking any initiatives. The MNA could have done something tangible using his privileged funds on small projects during the span of nearly four years in office which he did not or we have not been able to witness any so far. Now that the mega developmental projects have their own strategic importance and the Planning Commission has been pursuing such projects on its own without paying much heed to the local political actors. Not only the MNA but all the MPAs have also not been able to work as per aspirations of the people which have elected them and this has been the unfortunate history of the political leadership in Chitral. The MNA and the MPAs have not been able to lessen the miseries of the people of Chitral regarding the decent and professional management of the weekly scheduled passage of commuters through the Lawari tunnel let alone any cumbersome uphill task to be undertaken by them. Roads within the district are in dilapidated condition. Large boulders and debris are still lying on roads. The DHQ Hospital Chitral presents gloomy picture. The municipal services have been in shabby conditions. There is no management system in placed for gray water, sewerage and solid waste in the town. The motor vehicle stands (addas) speak of their inefficiency. Since 2015 most areas of the Upper Chitral are in dark due the destruction of the Reshun Powerhouse which has not been repaired by our leadership. The work on the construction of Booni bridge remained at snail’s pace. There are still areas which are facing drinking water shortages. Even the Chitral Town is facing water shortages during the summer season.
    All of the four member of the parliament need to earnestly concentrate their efforts for solving these “small” issues on priority basis instead of jumping into the huge strategic businesses of the state like the CPEC. Well, you can do advocacy and develop some synergy for the persuasion of the provincial and federal level high leadership and administration for carrying out such huge tasks, even so the people would not hold you accountable any severely if your efforts did not bear fruit on strategic decisions by the high level state functionaries. You may push forward the district level agendas; like, you may ensure that in government jobs at the district level the locals are preferred, and the masses would be duly obliged.

    • these small issues are supposed to be tacked at the local govt or admin level. Imran Khan used to claim that he would empower local govt saying mnas, mpas have nothing to do with funds etc. but unfortunately he even discarded the local govt system put in place by a military dictator.
      what mna shahzada iftikhar has been doing would bring fruits in the long run and of course by that time someone else would claim credit. at least i can say that he has sincerely been working based on his knowledge as a development expert.

  2. If it is included in CPEC long term plan it will take fifteen years to competle. It would be much better if MNA approach PM for a 40 km metalled road from Mastuj to Yarkhoon.

  3. Those who knew the history and geography of the area had been attempting to convince the NHA to consider Broghel- Mastuj-Chitral- Chakdara Road to connect Pakistan with the Central Asian states,long before the CPEC Project was approved. It is the shortest, more safe and attractive to the foreign tourists and would prove all weather serving road. The initiative of the MNA and the PM is highly appreciated.

    • It is really a big news long awaited. Prince Iftikhar’s efforts in this regard are worth appreciating. As far as I know General(R) J. Nasir had, in the 1990s, visited Baroghil and upper Lotkuh areas to find out the feasibility of connecting Pakistan to Central Asia through these tracts. I am sure records of his findings will be available some where in a relevant section. It is now time to dig out such important documents so that work on such national building projects could be taken in hand without any further delay. Best of luck