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Pindi-bound coaster from Chitral meets with accident, four women killed — 8 Comments

  1. Please please please: how long poor Chitralis will suffer from this pathetic situation. please try to make it easier for the people. Due to the monopoly of local gevernment and driver union we lost many precious lives. if lwari tunnel is complete now then why these transporter are travelling in night time. they are sleeping and making accidents.

  2. The drivers of these passenger coasters always in a rush. They never even care when there is raining, foggy weather, driving in one way traffic etc. They have to reach there destiny as if otherwise they will get punishment or so. This leads to fatal accidents and uncompansable loss of the public.

  3. Making excuse of stormy day for this accident is not a justification. The careless must be brought to book be it army vehicle.

  4. So sad. May the departed souls rest in peace and injured get well soon.

  5. A Allah tu hispa chitralian sora raham ko Ameen.
    Ya Allah kaki haqot tori asuni hetn duro roynte bardasht koko salahiyato dt

  6. Again ?!?!?!?!? 3 or 4 years ago while traveling on the same line my husband and I almost burned alive in such a coaster.

  7. So sad, may the departed souls rest in peace. get well soon all the inured.