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Pathak festival concludes in Lotkoh valley — 9 Comments

  1. Dear Amin Sb. I am sure you have gone through the root word of tomb particularly its historical evolution in terms of meaning and usage. In my humble understanding a tomb is a unique structure constructed above the grave and that usually has a sculpture or other decoration on it. Therefore people usually confused with Tomb and Astana which are structurally almost identical. Similarly in Garum Chashma that kind of structure used to exist which was perceived that NK was buried here and many writers even refered as a Tomb in the past as well while NK was buried at Yumgan. But my simple point is, you can share this little correction in a more polite way as you have been doing in the past. Lastly, I highly appreciate your valuable research what you have pointed out and request to publish it and don’t be worried about opening new pandorabox, in researches it happens frequently.

  2. My dear Ali Akber Qazi,
    Do you believe that Nasir Khusraw tomb is located in Garamchashma? Research has nothing to do with it ,it is an open fact to all that he is not buried in Garamchashma. My research will open a new Pandorabox and which I don’t, want. Here the matter was about location of NK’s tomb. Plz.you tell me where his tomb is?

  3. It is a comprehensive and well written note on Phatak by Zahir Sb. As far as, the reservations shared by Amin Sb are concerned, we will highly appreciate and suggest him to publish his said research in order to open some more windows to think. Until and unless, new finding does not come in, we have to rely on the existing information. We will be waiting for his formal and professional input in this regards.

  4. Where he is resting? NK is resting in Yumgan.plz go there and see by ur own eyes. I am talking about Nasir Khusraw, an Ismaili theologian, poet,traveler ,,who flourished during Fatimid of Egypt. He was the author of Diwan and Safarnama.He died in 1088 AD in Yumgan and his tomb is located there.
    Make sure that there is no tomb in ziarat Garamchashma of any saint.Tomb is a place where a death body is buried.
    If you are standing by your stand,it is your problem and also contact the intellectual, but I will write a letter of correction to the Dawn.
    For your kind information I have done research on Nasir Khusraw to the Exeter university.

  5. Very puzzling .Nasir Khusraw tomb is located in Yumgan,Afghanistan,and not in Lotkoh.Plz correct it bcoz this is a wrong narration

      • Dear Imtiaz
        Dawn has no mistake in it but it is the reporter from Garam Chashma who lacks basic knowledge regarding Nasir Khusraw’s tomb. Such person should avoid to send wrong information to a reputed print media.

    • It is not a new narration which I have coined
      In my news story, I have quoted a locations intellectual Anwar Baig who is an Ismaili exponent. The one you are talking about may be another personality. I reiterate my standpoint that the one taking rest in Garam Chashma is Pir Nasir Khusro. I wander how and why you are totally unaware about it.