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  1. Mr. Khair-u-ddin I appreciate your efforts to dispose the audit report they official of GADO should not to do……. Garam chashma

  2. Dear all, just go through the audit report of GADO. And think about the audit queries pointed out by the auditors.

  3. The Yurjogh cluster composed of eight villages and 25 Village Based Organizations (CBOs).This was one of the first clusters established in Garam Chashma to meet the community need at larger leval. The cluster was well organized and received many ambassadors and external missions. However, the management of the cluster was given to such people who always preferred their self interests above the collective interests of the community. The cluster established MHP in 1995 to provide basic electricity to the members of the cluster.
    To meet the emerging needs of the community another MHP was established by the cluster in 2012-in Thonik on self help basis and old MHP site in Yourjogh remained in the custody of the cluster as its sole property. Howvever, the old MHP was demolished by some members of the VO Yurjogh who wanted to establish a new one with the financial support of AKRSP and PEDO.This was without the knowledge of the cluster as a whole. This was meant to embezzle huge money. Despite huge protest by the community both PEDO and AKRSP are siding the intruders for their financial benefits. Their assertion is that the new MHP will supply electricity to Sanik Payeen, Gholaki and Yurjogh depriving the five other villages from the Govt.fund.
    As AKRSP has got the multimillion projects in tender from the KPK government and as rule/regulations it such house hold will benefit it who has no other line. Let me clear that Yourjogh is also benefiting from SHEDO beside the cluster electricity.The whole darama has been organized by few self interested individuals inside the cluster violating mandate of the majority and AKRSP, GADO and PEDO are equally conniving and this pitching the community against each others. After publication of the news in the ChitralToday PTI president also visited the site. Now again some local members are busy going home to home and compelling people to sign the resolution in favour of the MHP.

    Sajjad Ali Shah

  4. Mr. Khairuddin, I appreciate you if you really want to bring to the limelight certain big fish in the area who want to create rift amongst the community to peruse their hidden agenda.These big guns want to establish their nasty aim of the ‘divide and rule’ policy. They will resist any thing happened without their consent or at least being consulted them. If you really want to dispose such persons, every body in Garam Chashma will salute you. But it must be on the basis of ground realities and not vice versa. So far such elements have remained untouched and use different tactics to save themselves. Here I am not implied political persons.

  5. Allegation or ‘allegations dar allegations’ must be in Urdu so that the general public should be in picture. The comments of Mr. Islamuddin seem to be enjoyed more reasons to exists. In such non govt organizations members should refrained himself from such statement. Focal person have the right to clear the position through notification or press release.

  6. I can challenge you to come and have debate with me on the issue. I am ready to have a debate and make clear that no corruption is done neither any money is outstanding with any one. What proof you have about the 3 lac rupees stuck up amount. That might have been spent on public welfare projects in that area.

  7. Don’t worry my study is in progress. The ring is wide. Khairuddin is not the government. What I am doing is what I think I must do. Khairuddin is a man in the street just like everyone else even worse, homeless, jobless and a madman. What I studied here I will reveal in my TV program. Check it out http://www.csrdp.weebly.com

  8. Through my this comment I want to give reply to Mr.Khairuddin Shadani when he has written that Kuda pahar nekle choha and again say that through my study I will confirm who is who and what is what and who is creating the propaganda.
    It was December 4th 2014 when Khairuddin had written in ChitralToaday Million donated to a non registered organization (GADO).Then he writes GADO is not registered in SECP, company registration office Peshawar. Also AKRSP failed to produce any proof etc.He proved that GADO is a non registered and completely illegal organization. We got first the news from him and this still our stand.
    Surprisingly now he is coming to GADO office daily and even interview GADO chairman and posts in the faceook calling him a social worker of 24 years of history and was dismissed by a group etc etc.It also has been heard that GADO chairman is giving project to write in his favour and GADO. Then again he makes propaganda of forming Parabeg Area Development Organization (PADO), another LSO.
    The above letter of kahiruddin and other letters and his present linkages and behavior show that he is trying to create anarchy in the area secondly he works for a special agenda.
    He says that he is an observer and researcher and hope that he must have written this on the basis of evidence. Now he should stop his study and report. no need
    My question is that why do he goes to GADO, advice its chairman and hopes of benefits from an NGO who first made public it an illegal organization? He has also said hundreds of people that GADO is an illegal organization. One year ago it was a troubled and illegal organization and now a good one. Shame,
    Now through this I want to tell the people that it is proved who is who and what is what. Who is GADO and what PADO.Howeve if again such baseless item was posted by him we will have no other option but to take the help of law against him.

  9. Mai janab Karimullah sahib se belkul mutafeq hon k AGM laws GADO ke mutabeq nehi howa that.Me VO Sanik bala tanzeem ke taraf se AGM ka muntakhab member hon.Taham muje muzkura VO ke AGM member ke hasiyat se nehi bulaya gaya that.Balke Hamdard Society ke presidents ki hasiyat bulagaya tha.Es barai name AGM se ek deen qabel hamen circular mausool howa tha jes me na agenda that or na date.AKRSP Chitral ka staff be is ghair qanooni AGM ko monitor kar raha tha.

  10. Thank you Imtiaz sb
    Sorry,for wrongly getting your point of view. Actually you have written about the duality of khairuddin who by his dual writting trying to create disturbance in the arae

  11. I hope that GADO will consider right decision in the better interests of the area.There are also honest and educated people sitting in GADO as BOD and I hope they will do better

  12. I totally agree with Karimullah that AGM was not held as per laws.I represent Sanik bala Vo as AGM member. However I was not called as AGM member but the circular stated as president of HamdarD Society Sanik of which I am president. The circular was without agenda and date.Therefore it was a completely illegal AGM. Surprisingly AKRSP was also monitoring such illegal AGM.

  13. I would like to thank the esteemed ChitralToday and Mr. Karimullah sb for highlighting an important and chronic issue. This is not the first incident of GADO mismanagement. In the past such incident have occurred. In the past some staff were victimized and they left GADO job. Nothing is possible without chairman’s permission. They never follow rule of business and always bend on creating conflict in the community. It is for IC and other donors to take strong notice of all incidents. In the past they have failed to do so. As all NGOs are serving the poor people and not the few self interested one. We can not expect any justice from the AKRSP. It seems that the so called GADO BOD will hold a press conference or pass a resolution to conceal their wrong decisions as it has been witnessed in the past. What a funny.

  14. Everyone there is working for the development of the valley and you should support these guys. If there are some issues, you should go and meet the officials concerned because going public will bring you nothing. This is my advice to you as I have also worked with development bodies and LSOs.

    S. Mehmud

  15. I would like to clarify that my earlier comments regarding revengeful actions against certain staff was purely based on my previous knowledge of GADO BOD and chairman with staff.Today GADO acting manager was trying to estabslish that I had given the comment on some staff leaking.This is not true.As being an active member of the community I have detail information about the organization.GADO has also received fee from our VO in the name of one cup of team and Mr.Karimullah has right.I shall share the receipt via this paper.
    There was no justice with us regarding IC projects distribution.Beshqer bala was neglected and its right was given to Beshqer payeen only by the chairman and the acting manager because of favouratism as BOD member from there is chairman and acting manager strong supporter.We request IC to take notice of it .Otherwise we also lose trust from it too.

  16. Well, Abdul Latif said “khodha pahar nikla chuha”. Anyhow my study in progress. My next report will show who is who what is what. Who are creating propaganda. Why LSOs do not regulate VOs and clusters. Some multi million invested organizations never been audited in past 20 years. The district nazim to send an audit team to investigate the marked organizations.

  17. In my previous comments I had expressed my concern only on the basis of past experience done with the staff.Today the acting manager GADO was trying to establish that on whom leaking Rehmat Noor has written about possible harassment of certain staff.I am a member of the community and I have full information about GADO.Therefore no staff of GADO has told me.GADO has received from my VO fees against one cup of tea and that I will share in the paper.
    I have also great reservation about distribution of IC project in our area.The chairman and acting manager granted the IC project to Beshqer payeen on the basis of nepotism and to please his staunch supporter of BOD member.IC is requested kindly take notice of it.

  18. Dear Anwar sb
    It is the responsibility of AKRSP to ensure proper AGM with the by laws of GADO. During my spend of time in Garam Chashma I saw the chairman was full time busy in GADO office doing nothing just involved in political activities.

  19. My question to all the gentlemen who have commented above criticizing AKRSP, we must be thankful to AKRSP for such LSO’s like GADO and many in the entire district. These LSO’s were meant to serve the community and uplift their lifestyle. Now if they are run by some specific people for their personal interests then its not AKRSP’s fault, its the fault of educated people of Garam Chashma and the locals who don’t care about GADO. Sitting on a chair and commenting here will change nothing. I agree with the comments that whether it is AKRSP, SRSP or any other NGO in Chitral they have been politicized which must not be the objective of these NGO’s.

  20. It has been mentioned in the letter of Mr.Karimullah that insulting of staff is common in GADO. Some of members of the current BOD went to GADO and physically assaulted an employee of LPH (IC) Programme. As result report was filed against the aggressor in the local police station but was withdrawn after they were forgiven with intervention of the notables. The same employee happens to belong to a noble family of Garam Chashma. The chairman did not say a single word against the intruders but rather encouraged them. Legally and morally they had to resign from the BoD membership. Being disheartened the staff left GADO. This is the ideal situation of GADO. Again it is feared that the same BoD will also take revengeful actions against some staff to quench its thirst.

  21. My Dear Imtiaz sb
    this fact that the old building belonged to cluster was fallen without the cluster knowledge and akrsp engineer many times visited the place without hearing us.We went to the AKRSP,PEDO to solve the issue friendly.But no one listened us and sided them.They began to work on it.That was not baseless and Khairuddin is not authorized to investigate the matter because he is not a police officer or appointed by any competent body to investigate the matter.He is trying to distort the fact.Sorry to say sitting in Booni you are not aware of the situation.Plz,come to Garamchashma and see the fact by your own eyes.It is critical issue.

    • Dear Shakeel, you perhaps did not get my point. I also said the same that when people have no other logic to answer to allegations of corruption, they altogether declare the news as propaganda. Khairuddin did the same. On the one hand he says that there is a controversy and on the other he says it is propaganda. Hope now got my point.

  22. Thanks Karimullah sb for taking such a bold step in highliting this important issue to the public. Although you do not belong to Garamchashma but we apprecite your efforts.
    Again it seems that GADO will definitely take revengeful actions against some staff and will try to convince the donors having compelled the staff to give in writing that the publication and article is baseless and a conspiracy against the BOD as has been witnessed in the past.

    • What a comment. Our people have become habitual of concealing their shortcoming by adopting this tactic. In many previous incidents, exactly similar attitude was seen. In a comment on the news published in ChitralToday on Oct 5, 2015, “Controversy stalls govt-funded power project”, Khairuddin wrote: “Today i personally investigated this case. I took details from the stakeholders. Yes their is controversy but the government yet not released a single penny for this project. Some elements trying to create propaganda..Baseless”. Now when he confirms that there is a controversy what is the propaganda, baseless. The reporter also says the same thing that there is a controversy that has stalled the project.

  23. Thanks Karimullah for your siding with the truth and awakening the poor community of Garam Chashma regarding reality. As far as AKRSP is concerned it will never learn lesson because it is occupied by incompetent people who always care about their own financial benefits. I think IC should keep itself away from GADO. Again it is requested that such illegal Board must be given exemplary punishment by the concerned competent authority to avoid similar illegalities in Chitral.

  24. Dear all, this article is based on evidence and some interview with notable people of Garam Chashma and my observation during the local election where I spent time in Garam Chashma. If IC, AKRSP or education department need this evidence I am here to provide them. At last, I want to request the people of Garam Chashma to save the organization for the future of Garam Chashma from these people called BoD members and the chairman of GADO.

  25. I think both the AKRSP and IC should be held responsible for the whole saga, but major responsibility rest with the former as pioneers of the so called LSOs,where are used by the AKRSP as a trophy to used their own agenda. These NGOs are without any safeguards of transparency and accountability particularly in Upper Chitral and Ludhkoh where they are hijacked by certain self-interested people .
    It is time for the district government introduce strict for their scrutiny as they are following Company laws? It is also time for AKRSP to abandon its dual policy and respect the popular aspirations of the community rather siding few dishonest people.I think in siding these self interested people AKRSP has some extra advantages as is called corruption. Recently community have been expressing their disappointment over AKRSP and its established NGOs.great shame.

    • Dear Riaz sb I agree with you but now IC is working with GADO and the resource of IC using to uplift the community are not reaching to the community IC should think about this as IC is an international NGO. My question is why IC management is not asking the big boss so called chairman it means IC is not interested in this matter just wasting their resource and time productive is zero.

  26. I am really surprised why lC and AKRSP are not investigating this issue. In my opinion both IC and AKRSP are involved in this mismanagement so called corruption.