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Of a town in mourning — 6 Comments

  1. ‏ہر بات کہہ دینے کی نہیں ہوتی
    کچھ سننے کی بھی ہوتی ہیں
    کچھ سمجھنے کی
    کچھ جذب کر لینے کی
    کچھ سہہ جانے کی

  2. indeed it z commendable effort on the part of the writer to lessen the agony of the bereaved families…the great writer truely represents the feelings of the victims families without specific inclination to any family…Allah Almighty may grant courage to all the bereaved families…we all the chitralis equally share the grief..

  3. Despite I am thousands of miles away from Chitral,, I am in Switzerland, my heart is with you. I just can’t believe I will never see Farhad Aziz and his daughter Taiba again. I just can’t stop thinking of the agony the passengers mast have gone through, witching between hope and despair before death was upon them. And now the agony of all the families and loved ones left behind and dealing with all the “why’s”.
    I pray to God to find comfort in sharing grieve and giving them strength to accept.

  4. Good piece of write up by bakhtawar remembering some of unsung heroes of Chitral. On the other media is busy in eulogising a single ignoring the rest.

  5. Really good piece of writing from bakhtawar remembering some of the victims of plane crush. It give s me an idea of collecting narrative from the lived of all the victims. As our media is busy with only a single individual ignoring the rest. Once again well done for bakhtawar

  6. It is the poor management and stratigy of PIA administration. Whee a plane flew it carries a number of pessangers with it. For their safety it need to have a big plan with accurate observation. Weak judgement always cause failure.