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O Khalid! my Khalid! — 8 Comments

  1. ma khalid da der nizdy no pihjndo. da haga worzy wye chi dy da Nisar sheed na Islamia college ta raglo ao islmia college ki mong sara admtion woko dy der haista ao meennak insan wo no zka ba mong tolo dasra der gup lagolo yawa worz ye ye plar Abdullah wali saib zamong hostel ta ragly mong tol da hostel kasan ye roty la botlo. yawa worz dasy ragla chi da khalid mor wafat shwa fa dagy worzo ki so waja wa ho jihaz no thlo du der koshesh woko chi da mor janzy ta zan worsye ho da gadon ao jihaz da no thlo da wajy khalid haga shpa fa hostel ki thira ka der da afsos time wo daga zama dapara.ao bia da apsos zama dapara chi zo da khalid janzy la lar sum ho dasy wo nshwa ao da aman mi fa zorh paty sho.Allah janathona workee

  2. There are two kinds of peoples in the society, one is respect command and the other is respect demand.Khalid was one of the respect command personality.i have no words to describe his personality and the beauty of character he possess.May Allah give him the highest place in Janna. Ameen suma Ameen

  3. I met Khalid bhai twice in my life and he had a deep influence on me, his signature smile and the way he used to talk will never fade away from my mind. May his beautiful soul rests in eternal peace Ameen.

  4. Exactly, This writer-up is perfect reflection of the legend “Khalid” heroic life and achievements who proved himself as true hero in every walk of life. Almighty Allah may bless him with Jantual Firdous.

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