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No respite for suffering humanity in Chitral — 1 Comment

  1. To run hospital under private public partnership is really a tough and ardous job.As head of a voluntary group,i had the opportunity to facilitate the health facilities in Torkhow which culminated in the establishment of a hospital at Shagram under private public partnership.The building was provided by the government health department KPK,AKHS Pakistan provided medical and para medical staff and expensive hospital related equipment/machinary.Cooperation of AKHS Pakistan especially its chairman who initiated meeting with the then health minister of KPK plus secretary health KPK/NWFP and as a result of that discussion the government provided its building located at Shagram.Voluntfers of AKHS Chitral specially its honoray director and the AKHS managment staff based in Chitral played their due and respective role and above all Shahzada Mohiuddin the ex chairman district council played a great role in materialising the dream of a hospital under private public partnership at Shagram and he himself inaugurated it.The community of Torkhow played their great positive role and the hospital was established.Thank God, since then, I have been hearing success stories of this hospital.Gathering different stakeholder at a single platform is not an easy job.Islamuddin sahib you and the community will also be facing the same music again and again.Availability of highly qualified doctors is a great issue as they are sold like hot cakes in Saudi Arabia and in Gulf countries then who can retain them.
    Nizar Ali Shah
    Development Consultant