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No institution dares to highlight violations of Kalash’s rights: report — 2 Comments

  1. @Ajaz Ahmed: I fully second the views expressed by Ajaz Ahmed. The report is just a rubbish and a pack of lies aimed at creating abhorrence between Muslim and Kalash communities living in the three valleys segregated from each other. I have attended a number of gatherings of Kalash to cover the visits of dignitaries of both national and international statures in which the Kalash elites showered praises for their Muslim neighbours living in the valleys and did never utter a word of complaint. NCHR is a government run institution which should have cared more than some of the NGOs who have been trying to raise storm in a cup of tea with the help of some ‘elements’ in the valleys who acted as their stooges. The ministry of interior is requested to conduct inquiry into the report to assess the veracity of the source of the report and make public the real facts about the status of human rights there and the magnitude of excess to which the Kalash minority is subjected.

  2. There is no any forced conversion in Kalash Valley, the report mentioned above is not based on proper research and evidence, and rather it is propaganda against the unity of chitral and its peace. Kalash people are enjoying complete freedom in their culture and religion. It’s always painful to see that the outsider without doing proper research publishing this kind of fake reports, in order to happy their master (Donors).

    Ajaz Ahmad