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NHA callousness towards maintenance of Chitral road slammed — 2 Comments

  1. The am mount of avoidable inconvenience NHA has created for Chitralis is a record and a record also is the baighairti of our public representatives who have never been able to to confront the NHA for solution of these deliberately created problems by the later.

  2. Maintenance of road connecting Chitral to rest part of the country is poor when its maintenance inside Chitral is the poorest. Culverts & wooden bridges in upper Chitral (Chapari, Brep Zhupu) broken. Community of Chapari & Kargin repair bridge at Chumarkhan Nullah making it jeep able when Mazda & oil tankers cross through stream water.Once oil tanker stuck up in mid of Nullah for 24 hours .

    Oil tankers of Chitral are not allowed passing through Lowari Tunnel. These are coming over Lowari Pass repairing and maintaining it by contractors themselves. Contractors Association has approached DC Chitral to advise NHA to either repair Lowari Pass for oil tankers or all oil tankers pass through tunnel. It seems that NHA is creating such a situation that Oil tankers go on strike and there is fuel problem in Chitral.