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Musharraf’s decision leaves his party men in Chitral in disarray — 1 Comment

  1. The decision taken by the general has cleared the confusion. It has settled the issue once for all. The political opportunists who are going from one party to another had a sigh of relief. They are confident now that Gen Musharraf will not come. If he had come back, these political maniacs would have been wiped out.
    Now, things have become clear. Clear means: Sultan Wazir will get no votes in upper Chitral. His only vote bank will be a few thousand of his family. The newly handpicked of General Musharraf’s APML Dr Amjad will have let me repeat will have to have a humiliating upset in the stronghold of his commando boss. I would suggest Dr Amjad not to take risk as people of Chitral are not as mad as he thinks. Forget about Dr Amjad, not even a local leader will get vote using the commando’s name. If it had been easy, I bet you Iftikharuddin is not a crazy guy to join a party which had no chance of winning even a single seat.
    The battle will be fought between clerics and the PTI hardliners. Pen down my words that except these parties, every single party whether PPP, PMLN, etc. will be completely eliminated.
    And yup let me appreciate Mr and Mrs Aseer for taking a wise, timely and a brave decision. This is called bravery. As far I know Aseer joined APML just for the sake of Musharraf. And he was quit right in extending support to a man who had rendered great services for Chitral when he was in power. Rather it would not be wrong if it was Musharraf who brought Chitral to the limelight. These PPP walas are still selling the services of late Zulfikar Ali Bhutto. His late daughter Benazir did nothing for the area. Her husband Asif Zardari termed it a backward valley where there is no political awareness and that’s it. The recent statement of a PPP ticket aspirant who applied for a ticket just because he was the nephew of two former MPAs, shows “kis daggar pe chal para he yeh party”.
    So dear Chitralis take revenge from PPP walas. Settle the scores with Iftikhar for betraying Musharraf. And do not vote for any retired bureaucrat, headmaster etc who are contesting as independents. Kya kiy he in logon ne is mulk k liye…maze se nokri kerye rehe aur ab aa k unko Chitraliyon ki yaad satane lagi. Trust you will repent if you people cast your vote for these characters even by mistake. Mat do vote in ko as they do not deserve any mercy or vote because we have seen them ignoring Chitral when they “nokar pesha mazdoor of Pakistan sarkar”. Tell them to see some career in other NGOs or open a private school to kill their time as such people have no right to represent Chitral who did nothing when they were in job.