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Musharraf out of race as nomination rejected — 4 Comments

  1. غرک هوے مہ ہسے اميدان كهشتى هرديو غيچهاری اشرو درياھا

    ھاے مہ کيه چارا شير هيه غموتے
    تہ مدتار غير اے مه مه پاک الله ها

    ساحلی نيزے غرك بيرو كهشتيو سؤال كورومان اوا ته درگاہا

  2. How come so called and housemade Mohseen-chitral’and nomination paper rejected??? Couldn’t believe.and another Moshen also gone .

  3. After Next five years he will be over eighty, so he is no more.what about his party, atleast he could represent army retired officers and it was a hope for army,s future.

  4. He should announce to quit politics now. The slogan of his party is “Pakistan First”(“sub sey pehley Pakistan”) but his inability to return to Pakistan morally disqualifies him to be called Pakistan’s leader. He can either dissolve the party or hand it over to a young blood and himself relax in Dubai and London.