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Muqam says tunnel to be opened twice a week — 5 Comments

  1. This is not a matter of credit it is a due right to facilitate the citizen, if the authorities know the issue and deal indeed it is a big change.

  2. It z to know whether the credit should be given to that great leader who initiated the work in this mega project in 2007 or those who were blind enough to issue order to open the tunnel once in a week…claiming to be the so called honest ruler did they not know the sufferings of the chitralies.????????o

  3. All of the so called politicians are using this humanitarian issue as a tool for their politics.
    Tell them most PEOPLE understand this. They must be ashamed of their deeds.

  4. Now who should be given credit? PML-N leaders, PPP MPAs, MNA, but I guess the all parties would say their warning for agitation worked. dil ko khush rakne ka ghalib guman acha hai!!!

    • Credit should be given to the spineless political leaders and people of Chitral for tolerating the nonsensical schedule until today when half the winters are over, and credit should be given to those sadistic authorities who made the one day a week schedule in the first place.