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Minister accuses Saudi govt of destabilising Pakistan — 1 Comment

  1. The Minister is absolutely right,Saudis are creating panic and instability among Muslims. They try to promote their own ideology.and promote so called religious and extremist groups for its own interest.Saudi’s are trying to put Muslim world in to the dark age backing by the US government.US government talks about democracy but never talk about Saudi’s. Government should completely stop so called religious parties and stop their funding. But many political parties work on Saudi’s agenda including Muslim league N except MQM and Imran Khan.The time has come to promote MQM’s agenda and PTI’s agenda. Military courts are the only option to deal with extremism. PPP is the liberal party but every time when it is in power promote religious groups and feudal system indirectly for it is own interest.And we don’t understand.This time internal justice system should be given to the Military, internal political system and development system should be given to MQM and foreign policy be given to PTI. ( Because MQM is completely belong to the poor class and it is agenda is for the poor) I understand every body will be disagree with my point of view but it is the “Reality”