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Members of all styles & colours — 2 Comments

  1. Wakhik bo stylish asur…nachar wakhikan ugho mo nishar councilor biti ispa shak wakhik juwananan ghuon who are busy in exploiting the poor wakhik under the pretext of so-called service.

  2. I would extend my heartiest congratulation to all the elected members of Chitral and particularly of Yarkhun UC. Indeed it is a matter of joy and also huge challenge to carry in futurer to serve most isolated communities and people in Yarkhun.
    Mr. Amin Jan Tajik is my own cousin and He has been working with me for last five years and i have always tried to serve my area and people with sincerity and good faith.
    Today I thank my GOD for reducing my responsibilities and I would always guide, support Amin Jan and would help him out to serve the people of Upper Yarkhun and Broghil fully in all walk of lives. GREAT JOB YOUNG MAN