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Managing disasters — 4 Comments

  1. کیا ڈپٹی کمشیر ہمیں بتا سکتے ہیں کہ چترال میں وو مناسب جگہہ کہاں ہے جہاں کوڑے کو ڈمپ کیا جاسکے ؟؟ جلاو ایئر پلوشن ، پانی میں ڈالو واٹر پولوشن ، زمین میں دفناو تو ساییل پولوشن ، مسلہ اٹھانا آسان ہے ، اس کیلئے حل بھی تجویز کرلیں ..

  2. Chitral is one of the disaster prone district of KPK and we can see multi hazards therefore it is very necessary that to handle these issues, therefore the Concept of District Disaster Management officer were introduced after the NDMA act. so we are really lucky that five DDMOs has been deployed to different district of KPK if right person for the right job will be ensured,we will be definitely can reduce the negative adverse of disasters
    so DDMO sahab is doing wonderful job and identifying the key challenges related DRM we being the practitioner of DRM will do our best effort to help and support DDMU and DDMO.

  3. It shows that governmrnt is paying serious attention to disaster management at grass roots level. Previously The DDMOs in chitral (mostly non locals) paid least attention to this important responsibility as this often used yo be an additional respondibility of an additional Assistant commissioner. But now we can feel a visible change in the vehaviour of govetnment towards disaster management at district level and initiatives of present DDMO are appreciable.

  4. Excellent effort. With the arrival of a dynamic and vibrant DDMO Chitral district is witnessing a positive paradigm shift in disaster management.