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Man gets two years jail for attempting to rape girl — 4 Comments

  1. Pity for the kind of justice that Pakistan government provides. This justice compels citizens to have justice by their own. Accordingly, killings, injuries and quarrels are the outcome. The weaker ones hopeless to have justice or fight someone by own make suicide to get rid of the enforced insult.

  2. Our judiciary favors the accused while local societal forces have compelled a 16 year old to take her own life inside a school, a place of apparent sanctuary. There’s a severe imbalance in society, and something tells me mob justice will soon be the rule of the day. The judiciary must uphold a certain standard for criminal proceedings so no more innocent lives are lost. The deceased stood for a cause, and we must carry it forward.

  3. It is a shame and disgraceful.. This soft punishment amounts to encouraging people to commit such heinous crimes.

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