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Let’s name cancer hospital after Aisha Usman — 3 Comments

  1. I fully agree with Samad. The thing which stunbed me is that no is demanding a probe into this unfortunate incident. This is absured. Those demanding all this should know that the unfortunate plane carried 48 paasengers. Can anyone of you deny how dear each one of them to their families? Can any one stage a hunger strike in front of PM House, seeking justice for the victims? People who did not bother to come Islamabad to express solidarity with the bereaved families who were waiting for the bodies of their loved ones at PIMS are now giving us lectures. This is very UNFORTUNATE!!

  2. Our sympathies are with all the families of crash victims. One thing surprises me and it also shows our duo-standard. number of people die every year while travelling from Chitral to Peshawar/Islamabad. Lowari top the worst killer of Chitrali people. No one dare to raise words in favor these innocent people. Were they not human being or their bloods were of some other color. Every day someone stand and ask for naming this and that… I respect their sympathies but the question here is just come on and calculate the number of dead(s) in road accidents which will obviously be much more than the figure of plane crash which is only 47. We hvn’t seen such favor(s) for these innocent victims.
    Please be realistic and we must stop this joking.
    I remember a young guy, who was reported to be the only one son of his parent and he lost his life while travelling from Peshawar to Chitral on the occasion of Eid. I forgot his name but he belonged to Boni. He was very, very young, handsome and a student as well. Why not it was voiced to name Govt: College Boni against him. There are lot of examples.
    As far as the naming of DC Park and coaching academy, they conceived and materialized by Osama Ahmed and his colleagues in district administration wanted to give homage.

  3. Name of this hospital will most probably be CINUM… Chitral Institute of Nuclear Medicine.
    But I appreciate your proposal.