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Politicians highlight development programmes for Chitral — 11 Comments

  1. Great initiative, such type of program should be arranged at pakistan level. the leader of PTI, PPP, PMLN and JUI, JI should present their manifesto in same platform at same time. It will help the people to differentiate between true leader and so called leaders. But i wonder, some politician may not dare to be in such gathering due to their black history.

    • And people who have no capacity to teach even at primary level have become professors. Unluckily majority of the so-called professors had no teaching experience at all. A good number of them were virtually ‘berozgar’. But the lady luck smiled on them and what else they need after getting 18, 19, 20, insurance, State Life Beema policy other perks and privileges. The colleges and the schools have far better qualified teachers than those teaching at Chitral University. Wish if appointment of UOC teachers could have been done through FPSC instead of hiring these inexperienced lots who are set to destroy the future of Chitrali youth. There could be no other bad luck than the teachers at UOC.

  2. Shafqat sb ! You nailed it by saying” we are good in electing wrong people for wrong reasons”.The only phrase i would like to add is “at wrong times”.

  3. These so called political leaders have one thing in store and that is how to loot any money coming in their way. The Chitral university shows its immaturity bu organizing a seminar to highlight development programmes by these typical politicians. I think the university has no capacity or plan of its own to promote good education and research and has from the beginning indulged itself and wasting resources on such weird programmes. whoever has floated this idea is devoid of any scholarly idea needed for a university.
    Please try to be mature enough and do your own work.

  4. What will these politicians highlight development programs? They do not have the capacity to even protest against NHA mistreating Chitralis at the Lowari tunnel. Let alone standing for bigger issues. They swore jointly to boycott elections and are now showing their backs on it. Totally devoid of ethics and principles! Our politicians only know how to label outsiders as ‘Mohsin Chitral’, ‘saviour of the downtrodden’ etc, etc. In other words they only know how to beg. Have no self respect. Sorry to say that. “baat tow sach hai, go kay baat hai ruswai kee”

    • They had announced to boycott election in case Chitral’s one seat was abolished. but they were not given any importance by election commission, they just hid their heads in sand and started preparations for election and even giving their development plans.

  5. UC’s efforts by providing the forum for debates is healthy and appreciated. More interesting would be the qualifying debate of the candidates. Let’s see what the ‘Chitral Growth Strategy’ being enunciated by the Nazim is all about. It would be interesting to know what the worthy Nazim has learned from the previous exercise while preparing the ‘Integrated Development Vision’ for Chitral during his first tenure. I for one have never seen any of the developmental activities carried out by the District Nizamat Forum anywhere nearing the vision contained in that much trumpeted but shelved document. Is it not enough.

  6. Not a single politician has said anything based on it people can vote for them. “Stand up Chitrali, snatch your rights”…oh bhayi yeh pith gaya he. Your counterparts had gone to the extent of saying they would even prefer joining Afghanistan. An incumbent MPA was keen to become part of GB but at the end of “thuss”. To cut the long story short, neither the hadliners nor the liberals had anything which they can sell in upcoming polls. The liberal is optimistic to cash in on the situation using name of Gen Musharraf and the so-called sense of deprivation. The molvi is building castles in the air that religion is the best tool to exploit innocent Chitralis. The PTI lad is hopeful that his dream to make it to parliament may come true given a slight good performance of PTI. But it may not work in an area like Chitral where politics is all about electing wrong people for wrong reasons. And the outgoing MNA is one such example. He was voted to power but at he did not even mention the name of his leader in his farewell speech. So the people of Chitral have no sense as far as elections. They are good to be befooled in one way or another. And this time again, anything can happen. And yes, just let me pat the young boy who is doing a good job as head of his department. I would suggest him to organise a similar seminar about Kalash. Believe me you along with the PD will manage to generate enough cash. By the way cash is what the university is all about.

    • Shahid sahib, please explain what do you mean when you say “stand up Chitrali,snatch your rights” Let’s say we listen to you, what are we supposed to do to snatch our rights. The same people are standing for elections. We have to choose from amongst them . We cannot bring angels and vote for them. May be I have not understood what you mean.