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Lawyer seeks probe into sorry state of affairs at Chitral’s children hospital — 1 Comment

  1. Probing into some unrelated matters by some one who does know nothing about hospital management and patient care surely signifies that the one who is keen to use the magnifying glass is having some solution of the so called major problems probed by the barrister sahab.. Respected lawyer avoid mesmerising the ppl literally for political scores..
    If you are so loyal to the hospital and the people of the district kindly do spare some moments from your hectic schedule and discuss your suggestions with the management and sort that out..
    Coming towards your points of objections
    Short of basic health facilities and multiple kids on single couch, sir do ask your DC and accessible authorities to provide beds according to the outnumbered patients rushing to the single paeds unit and you should also try to visit down city health centres in other parts of your homeland where minimum 4 patients are accommodated on single bed particularly in peads unit.. doctors already have raised the point before heigher authorities all over the country.
    While pointing towards nebulizer, sir cast thank to the management have provided at least one nebulizer which you might not see in most major tertiary care units. And cross infection through nebulizer is not fully understood in any literature yet if you have any evidence kindly do share with us and with me particularly as already doing research on prevention of cross infection ( by the way contagious and infectious are two different things, if you say there is risk of spread of contagious diseases through nebulizer with body contact as we know is required for contagious spread but there is only one point nasal contact of the nebulizer mask with each patient which one should prove will spread the fatal contagious diseases, after thinking of the precious hypothesis..
    About the critics of “corrupt treatment” Sir being an educated person using disgraceful comments doesn’t suit any one.. if there is not ideal treatment in the set up that’s justifiable but cursing with such words is injustice. I haven’t seen any other paeds hospital in district chitral where superior and more ideal treatment are provided as have never seen a single child coming down cities for better treatment unless and otherwise needing more sophisticated treatment not available in local hospital.
    Nurses and staffs behaviour should be very polite and humble for the patients and in my belief there are not a single nursing staff other than chitralis i.e amongst the inhabitants. If we are dealing them humanely they are as efficient as the doctors for the patients but unluckily in routine each attendant rushing to the hospital has some collateral motives towards the staff having very very disgraceful behaviour towards them beyond the moral values.. most of the time they are compelled to throw back with same behaviour.

    If critics are put for the well being and progress of individual or the whole system they must be welcomed and no need for longlasting grudges but when their are some special motives in any get up they throw bad impression upon the individual and pushes the whole running system more towards negative pole…

    Dr Irshad