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Pashtoon labourers oppose NOC condition for work in Chitral — 3 Comments

  1. I hear about this NOC first time.As a citizen of the same country, I don’t think so you need a specific authorization for work in a different region of the same country. Yes if the workers are not Pakistani off course they need some sort of eligibility to work in that areas.Chitral district authorities has to clarify this issue,otherwise plz don’t bother these poor peoples.let them do their daily earnings

  2. These people are using explosives for blasting, therefore, NOC is neccessery to maintain the law and order situation in Chitral. The moment of chainsaw owners should also be restricted keeping in view the deforestation in the area.

    • Agreed, this is the normal SOP everywhere. these labours should bring NOC from their area magistrates and continue work.