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KP govt launches Pakistan’s first ever ‘Mineral Policy’ — 2 Comments

  1. This is a non-serious attempt to just befool the people of KP as they can not announce a mineral policy that would otherwise be contrary to the already promulgated National Mineral Policy 1995. It looks like that a cut and paste approach has been adopted after proposing the same by some selected blue-eyed person for the sake of gaining cheap popularity for the PTI.
    In this context, a practical and achievable road map for the mineral sector development in KP after viewing under its true perspectives and available ground realities is proposed as under:-
    The already promulgated National Minerals Policy 1995 (NMP) has before now established that minerals are governed by the laws and regulations of the provinces in which they are located. Therefore mineral rights in Pakistan are purely creatures of the respective provincial laws. Since there is no promulgated Mining Law in the country and instead the minerals Policy 1995 is playing the role of a “Minerals Law” and whereas the contents of this policy do not have the details and the regulatory descriptions normally included in a legal text.
    Now at this stage the role of Provincial Govt. starts, for which ample powers exists for a Chief Minister of a Province if he is Mr.clean and a man of nerves. And those powers are very well elaborated in the 18th amendment bill of the constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Even before that bill the authority were available in the NMP.
    Therefore, under the aforementioned the KPK needs to review and update the available fiscal and regulatory regimes by taking in confidence the private sector, the foreign investors and other related clusters associated with the mineral sector of the KP. Any other short cut in this context will tantamount to further complicate this important field.